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Genesis LA

Medical Transportation

This vehicle is equipped with essential medical amenities, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey for individuals requiring specialized transportation services.
7-SeaterWith DriverGasoline4 DoorsAir Conditioned2 Luggages
Genesis LA Transport


Family Owned

A family-owned business provides services from the heart. To us, our services are delivered on a personal level. Your delight is our pleasure

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

On top of providing you with exemplary service and treatment. You can also rest assured that you are covered and protected at all times.

Accessible 24/7

Our clients benefit from our back office availability to serve them any time of the day including holidays.

Open to Private Pay Clients

We offer numerous easy ways to pay before, during, or after the service.

Offers Reasonable Rates

While our services remain top-notch, our rates remain more affordable than the competitors.

Door-to-door Service

We understand that transport service is not just about being on the road and driving our clients to their destination. You can rely on us to bring you from your location of origin and drop you off straight to the medical professional who will be treating you.

Medical Equipments

Oxygen and wheelchairs are available upon request. We will be ready for any other need that may arise while we are safely bringing you to your appointment.

Nursing Background

Since Genesis LA originated from a company that has been providing homes or home care for seniors for 10 years and counting, we bring with us a compassionate demeanor in providing transportation to our clients.

First Aid & CPR Certificates

We ensure that we are equipped not only to bring you safely to your destination but also to help you feel more at ease knowing that we are able to respond to any basic medical need that may occur at any given time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you accept insurance for medical transportation services?

    We work with various insurance providers. It’s advisable to check with our billing department to determine if your insurance is accepted and to understand the coverage details.

    Can family members or companions accompany the patient during transportation?

    In most cases, family members or companions are allowed to accompany the patient during transportation, but it’s recommended to check with our team in advance to ensure we can accommodate additional passengers.

    How far in advance should I schedule medical transportation?

    We recommend scheduling medical transportation as far in advance as possible, especially for non-emergency services. This helps us better plan and allocate resources to meet your specific needs.

    What safety measures are in place during transportation?

    We prioritize the safety of our passengers. Our drivers are trained in medical transportation safety protocols, and our vehicles undergo regular maintenance to meet the highest safety standards. Additionally, we adhere to all relevant healthcare regulations and guidelines.

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